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Friday, January 9, 2015

Borscht for Christmas Eve (pisnyy borscht) with dumplings (Vuška), take two

This is the simplest recipe going without any fancy ingredients but look at the beauty of this vibrant soup with the little white dumplings floating in the broth.

Fill a stock pot with water and start chopping! 

Julienned Carrots

Sautéed onions in Olive oil

Soften dried wild mushroom in warm water

Simmer Vegetables until cooked

Check out recipe for Borscht for Christmas Eve (pisnyy borscht) with dumplings (Vuška) that I made on the 24th.

Yes, in this case the dumplings were boiled in water first and added to the cooked soup before serving.  Therefore they did not take on the dye of the beets if cooked in the borscht! 
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