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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baked Cornflake Crusted Chicken

I love forwarding some of the food blogs as an email to my family, but I especially love the feedback I get from the email.

The last one I sent was regarding a blog on Baked Cornflake Crusted Chicken Strips by Home Cooking Adventure 

This blog brought back many memories of dinner at my Mom's place. 

A recipe from the past.. One for you to make
Grandmother used to make this but with chicken pieces.  You guys loved it especially Sean.  Nice touch to add parsley to the cornflakes, but grandmother never added salt to the crushed cornflakes.  I prefer cornflakes to that Panko crumbs! To the egg, she add a bit of milk not oil, and dotted a bit of butter to the top of the cornflake topping before popping into the oven 

In fact , the ladies used to parboil chicken pieces to make stock for Chicken soup before breading and baking the chicken for Fall suppers or weddings. 
I just made this two weeks ago.  So awesome!  I seem to remember having this almost every week for a while, non?  I didn't add extra butter though.  

I  don't think you need to add butter as I don't.  Seems to me that grandmother put the pieces on a rack as there is more fat using chicken pieces.. it is a delicious recipe! 

You loved it and it was something Grandmother made for you guys!

The idea of boiling them for stock flavour prior to cooking is genius though - you'd let them cool and the cook time would be shorter which would keep the cornflakes from getting soft on the bottom.

The Chef in the Vietnamese restaurant use to do this for that mystery dish that MaryAn loved.. She poached the chicken for the Curry Chicken dish and used the broth for her soups and the chicken for that dish!  I remember the chicken was always bland looking!

My Mom use to make this often and one of the dishes the boys remember her making for them. It is a delicious combination of chicken and cornflakes.. of course all the chicken pieces were used for this dish! 

This dish was also popular at fall suppers and weddings.. I'm sure they served this dish at our family reunion.  

BUT.. there was one difference, they precooked the chicken in water first.. The beginning of chicken stock! 

Then they would coat the chicken in an egg wash, then cornflakes, dots of butters on the meat and finish baking them in the oven until golden brown!

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