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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Birthday wishes, Appetizers: Ham filled Mushrooms & Bacon Wrapped Prunes

Today is my Godmother's birthday as is my Cousin's.

In  going through some of my recipes I came across a recipe that my aunt had sent me years ago.

Ham filled mushroom caps which I thought would be perfect to do to celebrate their birthdays

Alais my super duber Electrolux stove has locked it's oven door since Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, although it is under warranty, I am still waiting for someone to come and check the controls!

In doing the recipe, I would modify it to use lean  ground pork and some Jalapeños in the mixture.  As soon as I can I will post a picture of this recipe

I have made the Bacon Wrapped Prunes, but have never soaked the prunes in white wine. What a delightful twist on this recipe.  I know the recipes I received from my Aunt are her favorite recipes and have been tested many times!

The wonderful picture below of my cousin taken last year, shows her resting between Blogs.  Her last blog was Scorpios and Gold Star dessert

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