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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Now I am a sucker for bargins , these wonderful large pots were originally 25 dollars.  They were now selling for 5 bucks. I had seen tomatoes and peppers in these pots but they were all gone by the time I bought these.. One Squash plant was unnamed, turned out  to be a cantaloupe. The plant was in a cage which I plan to use next year!  Disappointingly, this plant only produced 3 fruits the size of oranges!  
The large eggplant plants were not  a big seller.. 
But I enjoyed the beauty of this plant.. Not to mention that the small eggplants were delicious and plentiful.   

It was produce one very large eggplant and  about 9 small to tiny eggplants 

The stems are very tough and required a knife to cut the eggplant off the stem. 


It is Oct 5th and we are enjoying beautiful warm weather and the plant still has many eggplants on it

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