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Friday, January 15, 2010

Well it Jan 15th and renovations have begun on the house again. Still stage one! Completion of the kitchen needs to be done.

The contractor was here on Wednesday for a couple of hours as he and Nathan moved the appliances out of the kitchen- again and cleared the extension for the floor tiles and back splash tiles. ..What is left is: the tiling of the extension floor and back splash, repair of the tiles that have been broken during construction, glass for the cabinet doors, repair of the large drawer in the island as it is not opening or shutting properly, painting of the unpainted cabinet doors, placement of cabinet doors that are still without doors. The back splash and rest of the kitchen floor was tilted yesterday, today the tiles will be grouted.
The kitchen looks amazing !
By noon today, the grouting was done. What is left is the following:
The laundry room is half completed, painting of the laundry room walls, the washer and dryer need to be switched as the doors open opposite to one another and not the easiest to work with while doing the laundry, still need some cabinet doors in Kitchen and laundry and painting of these doors, glass panes for the cabinets have been ordered. Looks like they will be sanding the family room on Jan 18th, so all of the furniture has been moved into the living room.. Oh joy!
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