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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kitchen out of commission

Since my Kitchen is out of commission and there are tradesmen in house. I have decided to take up a challenge of translating the names the appetizers along with finding or developing a recipe for the ones they have pictured on their website that are on the menu of Pintxo. Pintxo is a restaurant in Montreal’s trendy Plateau on 256 Roy St. We have eaten in this quaint restaurant for my son’s birthday.. Yes, muy caro or very expensive, but very interesting as the pintxos or Tapas in Basque style served were a work of art in miniature and delicious. The tasting menu presented in a leisurely pace would continue until everyone was satisfied. An article in the Montreal Gazette on Dec 5, 2009 on this restaurant by Lesley Chesterman "The Look,and flavour, of love" that my son gave to me to read and the lack of a kitchen has prompted me to write these postings.

Read more at Suite101:

In the north of Spain in the Basque area, barhopping is a favourite pastime, where each bar counter has displaced various pintxosas. One pops into several bars for pintox and a small glass of wine, a txikito, visiting with acquaintances before a proper meal at home.

Here is the first picture on their web site

Txipirones a lo Pelayo

I have been able to translate Txipirones as being squid.. I have looked at the preparation of squid online and don't know if I have the stomach to clean Squid.

In a suite 101 article, this pintox is described a “tender piece of calamari served on a firm, cooked round of potato with onion confit caramelized to aromatic sweetness” by those who had sampled this pintox in the Montreal restaurant.

Interesting the use of potato with Calamari, but I have found many tapas recipes that use potatoes. Now I do need to translate the spanish recipe below to learn how to prepare the squid.. Not to sure as to how the potato is prepared as it does look white in the pictures. My thoughts are that crisping the potato would add color and flavor.

The onion confit or preserve should be a balance between tardiness, salt and sugar. Slow sauté in Olive oil the onion until soft and caramelized and light brown in color, add salt and vinegar to taste

From a Spain site, I did find the Metodo or method to prepare this squid dish:

Método: Pon a pochar en una cazuela abundante cebolla y pimiento verde, todo cortado en juliana (tiras alargadas) con un poco de aceite de oliva y sal, muy pero que muy despacio, removiendo constantemente para que no se pegue. Mientras, separad las cabezas del cuerpo, vaciar su contenido, quitar la telilla que tiene en su superficie, separando las aletas - que reservaréis- , hasta que la piel quede blanca. Dar la vuelta al saco como si de un calcetín se tratara y terminar de limpiar al chorro del grifo. A la cabeza arrancarle los ojos y el pico que se encuentra entre los tentáculos, restregad estos bien, para eliminar la bolitas que se desprenden de las ventosas. Cuando la verdura esté bien pochada, añadid las aletas, tentáculos y cuerpos, removed y mantened unos 15 minutos.

Este plato se prepara con txipirones de bocado, pero si son grandes, troceados salen muy bien.


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