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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Garlicky Shrimp Onigirazu

Some times, I become very excited with all the possibilities of a recipe I come across and explore on other sites.  Onigirazu is just that recipe, easy to make, great for leftovers delicious and beautiful to look at!  

This week, I have been experimenting with a street food that has become popular In Japan in the last couple of years.  Just One Cookbook writes about it's interesting evolving history.  It is like a rice ball or onigiri but more like a sandwich which was first introduced in a cartoon twenty five years ago by the main character who loved to cook for his family.  

The recipe is very versatile as the fillings are endless.  With a little practice the small packages are easy to assemble and can be a complete meal.  Perfect for lunch!

The frist Onigrazu I made was not wrapped tight enough and I did have difficulty cutting the plastic wraping, a sharp knife is best

The ingredients I used were similar to the square Smoked Salmon Sushi that I make as an appetizer for a group.  

Garlicky Shrimp Onigirazu
for one

3 medium shrimp
1/2 carrot, grated
1-2 leaves of Romaine lettuce
3" piece Cucumber 
1 sheet of Nori
sliced avocado
2/3 - 1 c of cooked rice
Hot sauce

  • Prepare the vegetables; I did add chopped green onions and cilantro.
  • The shrimp was sautéed in Olive oil and butter.  When the shrimp is pink, grate fresh garlic over the shrimp, cook for a minute more.
  • Place the sheet of Nori on a piece of saran wrap, a bit bigger than the sheet of Nori.
  • Layer in the centre of the Nori half of the rice
  • Add hot sauce, layer of shrimp, layer each of the vegetables, a squeeze of mayo on the lettuce, ended with the rest of the rice.

  • You should have a small package of the filling in the centre of the seaweed wrapper. 
  • Bring each end of the Nori to the centre, I did add a dab of lime juice to stick the ends of the Nori.
  • Then using the Saran wrap, bring the plastic tightly to form a small package 

  • Let rest in the refrig before slicing in half.  Leaving the plastic on as it makes for easier eating. 
  • Enjoy!   

I have just come across Kikkomaan Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and it is dynamite.  Great flavor and heat!  

Solo eating is so much better at home!

Looks like I needed to pack the filling a little better, but still awesome tasting!

Take Two

The same ingredients were used this time but in place of shrimp, I used a fillet of smoked fish

The results were also delicious and I think the appearance of this Onigirazu is much better!

This sandwich tasted awesome with a cup of Green Tea with Roasted Rice.  

In making this recipe, I was thinking of my Cousin's wife in Southern Manitoba who has just developed a taste for Sushi. I will be checking to see what she thinks of this recipe!

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