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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Aebleskiver (Danish Pancakes)

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, the beginning of Great Lent in our house.   One of my daughter's favorite food is pancakes and she would eagerly looked forward to this day!  She loved the centres of her pancakes gooey! Why?  With two older brothers, she was able to get the first pancakes of the grill before they did! 

Recently, I found another aebleskiver pan and was anxious to try out using two pans at the same time.  

My husband made his regular pancake batter without separating the eggs and beating the whites, which he often does for his waffles and some of the Aebleskiver recipes do suggest doing this.

Blueberries were dropped into the centre and more batter was added .

The only problem we had was too much batter was used to fill the pockets in the pan.  Some playing around  was needed with keeping the jagged edges in the pockets as the puffy pancakes cooked, but they worked out fine. The pancakes just took longer to cook!   

Whistle Pig Maple Syrup a special gift from Vermont was used! 

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