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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yakisoba, Japanese street food

Yakisoba is a classic Japanese Street Food that makes for a quick supper using up leftovers and vegetables that are readily available.

First cook your noodles, drain and toss in tablespoon of oil to prevent them sticking together.

I used Traditional Shirataki white yam noodle substitute which has 0 calories and Hungry Girl Approved.

 Fry in olive oil, thinly sliced cabbage and julienned cut carrots with thinly sliced onions until cooked.
I also added sliced cooked pork loin to the vegetables

Mix 1-2  tablespoon of Ketchup, 1 T Worcestershire sauce and 1 T of Oyster sauce in a small bowl, then add to vegetables

Toss in the noodles and heat until everything is hot!

Garnish with thin slices of Nori, pickled ginger and hot sauce.

This couldn't be any easier and so delicious! My thought was as I plated the noodles, how do they serve this dish on the street of Japan?

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