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Monday, April 20, 2015

Egg in Scone, Breakfast on the run!

Once again, I am on a mission, to find a way to cook soft runny yolk inside a muffin or scone! My husband makes awesome scones, he follows his recipe exactly and the results are amazing.  To get my husband to make scones other than ham and cheese has been a challenge!  For his batter, he precisely chops and measures very accurately 1 cup of ham and the same for cheese.

 I had seen a recipe for breakfast muffin with an egg in side the muffin, but after the 10th step, I thought this recipe was not for me, plus the yolk was cooked not runny!

A  couple of weeks ago, I saw a recipe for egg in the biscuit, again the egg yolk was cooked.

No matter, how many ways I've seen posted  about how to peel egg shell, this seems to be such a challenge nowadays. Every Easter, I try different methods and different eggs and all seem to result in badly peeled eggs!

Egg in a Cheese and Ham Scone 

Last week when my husband was making scones for Sunday Brunch, I convinced him to experiment with making two egg in biscuits.  I quickly soft boiled the eggs as is suggested by others, only to find myself resorting to using a spoon to dig out the egg out of the shell and deciding to pouch  the eggs for the next test.

This Sunday, my husband decided that we should add sausage patties to the biscuit along with the egg.

Adding the bottom layer to the muffin tin
Husband rolling out the dough

His recipe for Scones made 6 large muffins.   To four of the muffins, I added pre-cooked breakfast patties that I had made and 4 minute pouched eggs. Two of the scones, had uncooked breakfast patty and an uncooked egg.
Pouched eggs

Sausage Patties

Using my large muffin tin, I formed a bottom shell with  the dough, add the patties on the bottom and then the egg and a top of dough.

Breakfast Patties

Apply the top!

The main task is to make sure that the dough can be sealed.

The raw egg did leak out and in fact in one of the scones the yolk actually pop out!

I was surprised that in spite of the very hot oven and cooking time of 15 minutes the eggs that had not been cooked had a runny yolk. I also was pleased that my house did not reck of burned egg!

Breakfast Scones 

The meat and the egg were cooked perfectly

The above picture is of the pre-cooked egg and meat.

The next challenge is to better encase the uncooked egg!
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