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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I love going to the Chinese Market this time of the year and plan to do it one more time before New Year's.

It is brightly decorated and buzzing with activity and excitement for the upcoming new year

On our way home from Banff armed with shopping list to make Sukiyaki using Just one Cookbook's recipe, I was surprised to find all the ingredients except for Shungiku with the help of staff.  Generally speaking they are not very helpful and as my son says "Mom you were white carded!"
Someone helping me in the vegetable department find Tokyo negri, which looks a lot like a leek and then ran to find the manager who spoke English well but was not aware of a leafy green vegetable called Shungiku.

In the noodles and tofu section, the stocker was helpful in find Shirataki noodles but was surprised himself that there were yam noodles made by this brand!
In trying to find dashi, a customer located this for me and gave me suggestions on how she uses it in her cooking.

I left happy with all the ingredients to make Sukiyaki although did had to settle for dried Shiitake mushrooms and without Shungiku.

Udon noodles, fresh and made locally, Tokyo Negri, Shiitake Mushrooms, package of tofu, Shirataki noodles (yam noodles), thinly sliced beef and dashi were my finds for the recipe.

In making the Sukiyaki sauce  bring to boil one cup of saki, soya sauce and soya sauce along with 1/4 cup of sugar.

The udon noodles are cooked and cooled.

Chop Napa cabbage, shungiku (or any leafy green vegetable) and Tokyo negri (green onion, leek).
 Crave decorative shapes into the shiitake mushroom, rehydrate first if dried.
Slice tofu into cubes, add a slice of carrot to decorate the tofu
Add sliced thinly beef which is available in Asian markets and even Superstore.
Arrange all the ingredients on a platter.

Using a table top burner along with a cast iron pan, heat the pan, add tablespoon of oil and sear some of the beef.  Since Beef is very costly in Japan, some of the beef is sautéed for tasters.  Brown sugar is sprinkled on it, flavoured with some of the Sukiyaki sauce.

Pour 1 cup of the Sukiyaki sauce and 1/3 cup of dashi or water into the pan, arrange some of the Sukiyaki ingredients except for the udon noodles into the pan. Cover the pan and bring to boil, reduce heat and let simmer until cooked.  Keep adding vegetables and liquid as the meal progresses.  End the meal by add the udon noodles to the pan to heat.

In thinking about this recipe, one needs a tabletop burner with a cast iron pan, green leafy vegetable, tofu, thinly sliced beef, udon and thin rice noodles.  The vegetables are simmered in a Sukiyaki sauce made with soya sauce, saki and mirin along with some sugar.  A electric frying pan could be used. 

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