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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maple Bacon Biscuit

I'm on a roll for a Hat Trick, unfortunately we leave for Europe today so I can not participate!

Congrats — you made it into today's Calgary Herald!
In case you can't pick up a copy of the newspaper, we've uploaded a PDF here. Check it out!
Thanks again for completing this week's mission!
Team Gastropost

 I will be posting the recipe, when we get back, it is a crowd pleaser. My husband did make the scones/biscuits. 

As usual, after I sent a email to my children, one of the replies was as follows

Don't tell me Mom has been taking credit for your burgers.... I did think it was a little strange that Mom was posting photos of burgers... next Mom will post her favorite 10 sweets!

followed by
When you come home, I’ll make a batch specially for you …

Love technology! 

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