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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jamaican Coconut Fish

Jamaican Coconut Fish 

We enjoyed the Jamaican fish dish at the Sandals resort this May.

The chef told me the recipe, which was similar to how my Mom used to cook Pickerel in Manitoba.. The fish is dried and dusted in flour that has been seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and chilies.  The fish is then panfried in butter.  Julienned vegetables such as green spring onions, carrots and  assorted peppers are sautéed in oil.   The vegetables are then added to the fish and served hot with Bammy.


Here is my version of the Jamaican Coconut Fish.. 

Julienne the vegetables, carrots, an assortment of bell peppers, jalapeños peppers, an onion and garlic are sautéed until onions soften.  I also added julienned pineapple and mushrooms.   Thyme and allspice were added to the vegetables.  Allspice is the traditional spice for most of the Jamaican dishes.


The fish is dusted in seasoning flour and pan fried in butter.
Lay the fish fillets on top of the vegetables and pour a tin of coconut milk over top, and bake until hot
Garnish with spring onions and cilantro.  I also garnished the dish with fresh pineapple chunks.

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