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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sushi in Calgary- Kinjo

Peter Kinjo came to Canada in 1971 with 35 dollars and started Edo Japan in 1977 in South centre Mall in Calgary.  Check the Cideo and his philosophy on food and life- If you make your employees happy, they`ll pass this on to the customers, along with happiness returning to him. He believes that if you are sad, unhealthy or lonely, nothing tastes good, but if you are smiling your food will taste so much better!  The atmosphere is fun and the food is yummy and yes, I did leave happy!

Sitting at the sushi bar,with prepared sushi going around the bar on little boats in water !

Midori Roll in the top right corner- cream cheese, red pepper, yam, asparagus

 Slicing beef for Ginger Beef
Spicy Crunch Roll - squid, tobiko, cucumber, spicy mayo!

 Tempura with mixed vegetables!

 Tangy Golden Beef

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