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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aubergine - in 1981, Camden, Maine


A French Restaurant in the new style- a small romantic inn

In a visit to Maine in the summer of 1981, Mom  Kennedy took the 6 of us to this small romantic inn in Camden. The restaurant was in a Victorian house built in 1890 and restored to its original state with antique pieces and period wallpaper.

Aubergine had been written up in the June issue of 1981 Gourmet Magazine and Ruth, my husband’s sister in law wanted to order the same dishes that were featured in the article. I can honestly say that I do not remember the starters or the salads that we ordered. However, I do remember ordering for my entrée the medallion of lobster, as did Ruth.

Medallion of lobster is slices of lobster tails, thus looking like medallions. Being accustomed to devouring a whole lobster and any one else’s if I can, the small portion was laughable.

Two medallions of lobster, shelled were served with some greenery on a very large plate.

Although dessert is not on the menu, I do remember a dessert cart that was rolled to each table for patrons to pick their own dessert. Lovely arrangements of different cakes or torte mainly chocolate were on the cart.

Not being a dessert person and thinking some of the desserts looked dried out, I asked the waitress if I could have a serving of fresh berries in cream. It was Blueberry season and I had seen blueberry stands on the road but had not tasted any of the berries. After some confusion in the kitchen, a large parfait glass filled with fresh Maine Blueberries with sweet cream was served to me. For me, that was the highlight of the meal and from some of the expression on tasting their desserts some of the rest wished they had done the same. Ruth, however, was delighted with being able to taste everything that had been featured in the magazine.

It was a delightful evening, one of the last with all of us together. Mom was delighted to host this dinner for us.
 Although I do not have a picture of Aubergine Resturant, here is a picture of all of us that summer in Maine

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