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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bavarian Apple Torte

A dessert that we shared in Paris this summer, reminded me of the Bavarian Apple Torte that I used to make in our last home.  The Patterson Apple tree that we planted, yielded tons and I mean tons of cooking apples.  These apples didn't keep well so I would freeze sliced apples to be used during the winter.  The dessert is a custard with slices of apples arranged on top or as in this case arranged on the cookie base before the custard was added.  I think it looks better if the apple slices, very thin are arrange on the top of the custard.. The apple slices were arranged different in the dessert in Paris.  The slices were thicker and tended to sink. 

Once again, I made another cake for a birthday family celebration.  Our Granddaughter's grandparents both have birthdays in September.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Number Seven Brownie Cake

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best!

Since we were invited to a family supper for our grandkid's birthday, I decided to bring a dessert.  

This was easy to put together as it was a brownie recipe baked in a 8 X 8 pan, frosted with butter icing


The food for the Seven Year old birthday party was Calzones

The recipe used was Refrigerator Bread dough which is certainly a staple in my kitchen

A visit to the local Italian market was a great spot for a variety of sliced meats, mozzarella, mushroom, fresh basil and tomato sauce.