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Friday, July 20, 2018

Coconut Custard Pie, aka Impossible Pie

Impossible pies were popular years ago, either savoury or sweet.  The magic of these pies was that it formed it's own base and filling.  I had made a Broccoli and Cheese impossible pie, but since the recipe required Bisquick or one could make this mix, but the recipe yielded a large amount.  

In following a food page on Facebook where handwritten recipes are posted, I came across the two recipes posted below that I used to compare.  I like the name of Coconut Custard  Pie better. 

The third recipe, is what I modified and filled a very large nine inch pie plate.  It really didn't need to be done in a Food Processor, as one could easily whisk the ingredients.  It did need to be baked at a lower temperature.  Also half way through the baking temperature, cover with foil.