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Friday, November 24, 2017

Apple Coffee Cake with Caramel topping

Coffee Cake for a Birthday Cake? Why Not?  This is a cake I have wanted to try as the placement of apples on the cake top is decorative.  Another recipe I saw, used whole apples that were pushed into the batter, but this looked great.   I use to make a coffee cake in our previous home as we had an apple tree in our backyard that filled our crisper with tons of fruit.  Bavarian Apple Cake and a coffee cake filled with chopped apples and a Streusel topping were my favourite to make.

For this dessert, the apples are quartered and then sliced.  Use a chopstick, placed along the side of the apple so you do not cut through the apples.  

A quick caramel sauce was made from melting caramel squares with 1/2 c of cream in the microwave. 

Since my son's birthday was on a Wednesday night, we picked up our grandchild from school, so that she could practice for her piano lesson. 

The first thing she asked when walking through the door was if she could decorate the cake! Somethings are so predictable!